Market Products Online – Key Challenges Network Markets Face when advertising and Marketing products Online

Marketing products Online

Network marketers face a lot of challenges in the course of selling products online. Strong-willed network marketers can plow through these challenges and make it to the top. The faint-hearted network marketers, on the other hand, drop out in record numbers. In this article, we are going to address the 5 main challenges faced by network marketers in the course of selling products online and how to get around them:

The explosion of social media platforms is a great challenge for marketers looking to market products online

We cannot dispute the fact that social media is the greatest thing that ever happened to both business owners and marketers. So the challenge of social media doesn’t lie on the social media outlets, but how people are misusing them. For example, social media lets pretty much everyone, including the unskilled, to indulge in marketing. The result: mediocre brand messages and product and service offerings that do not align with those promises. It’s even harder to differentiate real from fake marketers today. Disciplined use of social media will ensure sanity in the advertising and marketing space.

Abundance of information and upsurge in competition is a great challenge for network marketers to market products online

With advances in technology, both customers and distributors have instant access to marketing tools and resources. So they don’t rely on network marketers anymore to provide them with direction or help them sell their products. While these tools and resources are handy, most can be confusing, misleading and distractive. They may not deliver on what they promise. This is why marketers must continuously educate consumers and marketers about the dangers of using such tools and resources without doing their due diligence.

Reduction in attention spans of customers is the greatest challenge of marketing and selling products online today

The new generation of customers is pressed for time with busy daily schedules. So they want to go online, get what they want quickly and get out. If your products or services don’t deliver the message in the first 5 seconds, customers will abandon your website. The solution for website owners and marketers is to reduce text-based content and use more visuals like images, videos, and infographics. Visual content tends to pass the message across faster than text.



In a world filled with bust lifestyles, your marketing efforts should aim to deliver short, punchy messages that instant motivate customers to buy. If you can’t produce that kind of content, hire expert copywriters to do that for you.