Advantages of Using YouTube to Market Products Online

YouTube to Market Products Online

YouTube has grown exponentially over the years to rank among the top 3 most used online platforms today. This is attributed to the power of musicians and other celebrities who use YouTube to promote their work. YouTube boasts more than 1.3 billion users, with over 5 billion videos being watched every day. These mind-blowing figures underscore the power of YouTube as a marketing tool. That said, here are the advantages of using YouTube to market products online:

The tons of traffic experienced every day on YouTube makes it a lucrative platform to market products online

Statistically, Google has about 1.3 billion users. With rapid internet penetration, this figure is expected to reach 1.5 billion in the next one year. And with 5 billion videos being watched each day, there is no disputing that YouTube is a perfect platform to advertise and market a website or products online.

The benefit of viral marketing when you use YouTube to market products online

YouTube comes with multiple viral benefits. You can effortlessly embed videos on your site and share them on social media. Viewers continually watch and share terrific videos with friends, relatives, and family. The cycle goes on, and that’s how viral videos come about.

Using YouTube to advertise and market a website increases its search engine rankings

Google is the best search engine, by far. And the fact that it owns YouTube means its search ranking algorithm favors YouTube videos. So if you create high-quality, interesting videos, you will surely attain impressive search engine rankings.

Easy integration with social media platforms means your business online can get overwhelming exposure

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have a high appetite for YouTube videos, no wonder that they made sharing them on social media easy. You just need a one-click to share YouTube video on social media, and this can enhance your brand exponentially.

YouTube enables you to market products globally

It’s no doubt that YouTube is a global brand. Pretty much everyone can access YouTube from every corner of the world.  Users can also access YouTube using multiple devices such as Smartphones, personal computers, and tables. It’s also available in 61 languages, so the issue of the language barrier is eradicated. This means your brand has the potential to reach many people across the world.


The advantages above are enough to motivate you to incorporate YouTube into your marketing plan if you haven’t already. And with the new generation of shoppers slanting more towards visuals, YouTube will continue to be a potent marketing tool.